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Debtor Payments - Payable Here

At, we do not make moral conclusions of any Debtor. From our perspective, we are simply trying to do our job all the while following State & Federal law. It is nothing personal and in fact, we welcome open dialogue & communication between the Debtor and our organization, now that we own the Judgment (we have purchased the Judgment from the original Plaintiff / Creditor). We sincerely hope that we can collect on the Judgment without the need for further costs & court proceedings, which costs are ultimately added to the Judgment balance. Our goal is to keep the tenor of all communications amicable and respectful! Therefore, we encourage each Debtor to contact us in order to propose a payment plan or settlement offer. We will give serious consideration to any written AND realistic proposals. To propose a payment plan or settlement offer, click either highlight.

Note that all collection efforts will continue until a written proposal has been accepted by the Debtor &

We provide several convenient options for Debtors to make a payment:

  1. Mail your money order or official bank check in immediately collectible funds payable to:
    P.O. Box 447
    Clawson, MI 48017
  2. Cash (by bonded courier only)
  3. Bank Wire Transfer – contact us for wiring instructions
  4. Pay Online Via Paypal
    • Click on the Paypal logo below to make an online payment
    • If you are not familiar with PayPal (which professes one of the most secure methods of making payments over the internet) you can establish an account at no charge using your credit card, debit card or checking account as your source of funds.
      Note: You are not required to have or maintain a Paypal account to use this option.
    • There is a three percent (3%) "Service Fee" charged to us by Paypal which shall be the Debtor’s responsibility if they choose to use Paypal.

Note: Please be sure to include your original Court initiated case number and Debtor’s name on any and all correspondence or payments.