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Do It Yourself

For Creditors who wish to pursue collection of a judgment on their own, will provide a comprehensive summary of all the Debtor’s assets, and their locations, culled from a wide variety of both public and proprietary data bases. This is the same asset profile that we compile when we begin our own judgment collection actions, and it’s the single most important tool in successfully collecting on any money judgment. In addition to the hard data search, we also have a seasoned analyst assess the Debtor to determine the chances of collection and provide a specific strategy on what actions to take in what order; this insight has proven invaluable to our clients who want to try the collection process themselves. Our service is much more accurate and comprehensive than the $10 to $20 sites commonly found on the internet. Give a try if you have the energy, perseverance and time for self study and leg work. The cost of this information varies, depending on how much (and what kinds of) data you wish to obtain, and how much (accurate) information you can provide us about the Debtor.