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Why We're Here

If you're looking for judgment-collection assistance, then someone owes you money who doesn't want to pay, and you've been unable to collect on your own (or don't want the hassle in the first place). Well... you're not alone!

Statistically, nearly 80% of all money judgments go unpaid in the U.S. every year. Why? Because collecting on a court-issued money judgment is an enormously expensive, difficult, and distasteful task. Most Debtors refuse to pay, try to hide their assets by a variety of clever and deceitful means, or even try to make it seem like they've disappeared off the face of the Earth! That's why collecting from these Debtors takes such a huge amount of time, access to a wide array of highly specialized information and information-gathering resources, a detective's "nose," and a bulldog's tenacity. In the end, most Creditors just give up and write the whole experience off as a total loss.

You don't have to!

At, the collection of money judgments is our passion, our inspiration, and we absolutely thrive on the challenge! We're also very, very good at what we do.

We have access to a wide array of informational and investigative resources that aren't available to the general public, and these allow us to determine whether or not someone is actually collectible. Once we determine that the Debtor does in fact possess assets that can be attached, we deploy every legal means allowed to us by law to collect on the Judgment. We do all the work. We pay all the expenses up front (including any additional legal fees and court costs). We get down in the trenches and do the "dirty" work. And in the end, we remit to you half of everything we collect (net of any "out of pocket" expenses we incur in the collection process).

Is it fair that you might have to give up half (or even more) of what a court says someone owes you, just to get some repayment? Of course it's not! But is half a loaf better than none?

Our clients definitely think it is.


What We Do provides two services to Creditors holding valid, court-issued money judgments. The first is a comprehensive Judgment Collection Service, thru which we essentially "buy" the judgment from you — a process called Assignment of Judgment — and then employ a highly-trained staff of investigative and legal specialists to locate all of the Debtor's assets, and then seize or confiscate them in full or as partial payment of the Judgment. We split the proceeds with you, after deducting our out-of-pocket expenses.

For the "do-it-yourselfer", visit our Sister Company,, where you can purchase a comprehensive summary of all your Debtor's assets and their locations, culled from a wide range of both public and proprietary data bases. This is the same asset profile that we compile when we begin our own judgment-collection actions, and is the single most important tool in successfully collecting on any money judgment.


What We DON'T Do

We are NOT attorneys. We do NOT provide legal counsel. Nothing in this website should be construed as constituting legal advice. For legal advice, please seek an attorney.