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I had a Money Judgment against a ‘crook’ whom I had known for years from Church. I had loaned him $50,000 in several increments over 3 years. After winning in Court, he seemed to vanish and was nowhere to be found. I didn’t think I was ever going to see a penny of that money. I had his last known address and a social security number, but that was about it. The Judgment simply sat for years after it was issued. was recommended by another Attorney I consulted. He had used them successfully on three prior occasions. They were assigned my Judgment, handled all of the messy paperwork, and even fronted the additional legal fees incurred to force this guy to pay up. It took a minute, but in the end, we were able to collect 100% of the Judgment amount plus the fees incurred in the collection efforts. In my mind, it was a bargain to collect half of the original Judgment amount because I never could have recovered a dime on my own and I didn’t want to risk paying another attorney for his efforts without knowing if I would ever collect. I am very satisfied; they are fair and honest people.

- Brian S., Southfield, MI

When I won my court case, I naively expected to promptly receive my award for the amount of the Judgment. Little did I know that we were just beginning the REAL fight! After nearly two years of trying to go it alone, I searched the internet and interviewed several Judgment Recovery businesses. I selected because of their track record, customer service and the trust created by their actions. They called me when they said they would call. They kept me abreast of the techniques and strategy they were using to get a leg up on the Debtor. They were tenacious and it finally paid off. They and their attorneys were able to convince the Judge that the Defendant fraudulently transferred assets to avoid paying what was rightfully owed me. I never thought that the legal system would make it so difficult to make right what was so wrong. They did a marvelous job! Personally, the money was important but getting this unscrupulous person to pay up was worth every penny of their fee.

- Irene V. Ada, MI

I had been trying for years to collect money owed to me from a past employer. He not only left town, but changed his name and was using fake social security numbers, which made him nearly impossible to find. I had given up when my nephew suggested that I contact

These guys were unbelievable! If I think back to the position I was in with no clue on how to go about the process and where I am now, it is truly amazing. Not only did you quickly track down the Debtor, but they effectively garnished his wages and seized a vehicle which was sold to pay down the balance. I recently received the final payment that was owed. It took 15 months and the Debtor tried several times to wiggle out of his obligations but to now avail! You guys are AWSOME! I’m glad you are not chasing me! Thanks for all of your help.

-Sheila W., Okemos, MI